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Garden Decor

Our line of Garden Decor products add interest, color, light and life to your lawn, garden or patio. Unique and tasteful these items will draw your family and friends to your outdoor spaces.

Achla Crackle Bowls Achla Crackle Bowls
Reflective and beautiful
Achla Crackle Glass Toad Stools Achla Crackle Glass Toad Stools
A wonderful accent piece for a flower bed or flower garden
Birdbath Stakes, Stands and BracketsBirdbath Stakes, Stands and Brackets
Complement your birthbath
Birdbaths Birdbaths
Provide the birds in your yard a place to bathe and play
Border Edging Border Edging
Add a decorative touch to your garden or lawn
Rain Chains Rain Chains
Hear the soothing sounds of water gushing down or watch the icicles form
Garden Decorative Lanterns Garden Decorative Lanterns
A beautiful & interesting assortment for indoor and outdoor use
Garden Statuary Garden Statuary
Statues that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Pond Decorations Pond Decorations
Create a more natural and colorful "habitat" around your pond, water garden, or stream
Garden Decor