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Pond Decorations

Achla Pond Decorations helps create a more natural and colorful "habitat" around your pond, water garden, or stream. Place them around your yard or garden to add accent or draw interest. Use the larger bird statues as a decoy to discourage larger birds from visiting your stocked pond or stream while encouraging smaller birds to roost nearby. Some statues are handpainted in realistic colors while other statues have a verdi finish. All Achla Statues are made of cast aluminum and will last many seasons.The larger bird statues also include anchoring pins to securely mount the statue.
Please note: We cannot ship this item to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada

Achla E02 Great Egret I
Achla E02 Great Egret I
Price: $168.49
Manufacturer Model Number: E-02
UPC: 719908321758
Achla PC01 Preening Crane
Achla PC01 Preening Crane
Price: $119.99
Manufacturer Model Number: PC-01
UPC: 719908307158
Achla E04 American Flamingo
Achla E04 American Flamingo
Price: $140.49
Manufacturer Model Number: E-04
UPC: 719908321772
Achla FRG01 Frog
Achla FRG01 Frog
Price: $26.49
Manufacturer Model Number: FRG-01
UPC: 719908316914
Achla TUR01 Sea Turtle
Achla TUR01 Sea Turtle
Price: $98.99
Manufacturer Model Number: TUR-01
UPC: 719908319007
Achla HSB01 Stately Blue Heron
Achla HSB01 Stately Blue Heron
Price: $137.49
Manufacturer Model Number: HSB-01
UPC: 719908307868
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