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Rome 2314 Brass Nautical Sundial

A classic compass rose centerpiece with sea serpent gnomon gives this sundial a real nautical feeling. The polished solid brass dial features the motto, 'Count only sunny hours.' Please note: Our Solid Brass Sundials have a 3/8" threading on the backside center to attach the dial to the pedestal. We carry a wide selection of Cast Iron Sundial Pedestals & Wrought Iron Sundial Pedestals that complement these sundials. Smaller diameter dials will look better on tapered neck or smaller pedestals. The larger dials will look their best on bigger pedestals.

Size: 8 1/2 inch diameter
Color: Solid Polished Brass
Manufacturer Model Number: 2314
UPC: 029794231445

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Rome 2314 Brass Nautical Sundial
5 lbs
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Rome 2314 Brass Nautical Sundial
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Rome 2314 Brass Nautical Sundial
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